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On Common Ground

Celebration Times  

 610 St. Francis Street
Located at the 
"On Common Ground" Building

Meditation:  10:30 AM
Celebration: 11:00 AM
   Fellowship:  12:00

A Children's program is available for 
Sunday Celebration.  
 Coffee, Tea & Social Gathering are offered immediately following Sunday Celebration in the Agape Cafe!

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 9525 
Rapid City, SD 57709
Sunday Aug 16th 2020
Message Presenter
Rev. Vikki French, A.S.P.
Please see message below
Message Title 
"Standing in Line!"

Rev. Jacqui Hatzell
Here is a link to our Agape Spiritual Center Welcome! 
A Wednesday Evening SOULutions Meditation is offered each Wednesday at 
7 PM with FabiAna via Facebook Live Video (for now) Coming to you from: 
On Common Ground!
For more information on events (and MORE) at Agape 
Please see the EVENTS page!
Join us on the Agape facebook live at 5 pm every Sunday evening with Danielle Dekker for meditation with her beautiful singing bowls.
Bob French

We are back at the Center this Sunday. 
We will not be serving coffee and the children will be staying with their parents. 
FACE MASKS are encouraged for all.

We hope to see you but by all means DO NOT come if you are not feeling well or if you're feeling concerned. 
If you would like to donate to 
Agape Spiritual Center, we now have a PayPal account - please see our Facebook page for details. 

Also mail in donations can be sent to: Agape Spiritual Center
PO box 9525
Rapid City, SD 57709
Rev. Jacqui Hatzell
Celebraton Facilitator