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At Agape, we know and affirm that your presence here enhances 
ALL of our Spiritual Journeys!
Are you feeling excited and ready to become involved in one or more of the groups that continue to offer a space for you to have 
A Great And Playful Experience? 

Introductory Workshop Offering!
"Intuitive Wisdom"
Sunday, July 8, 2018 12:30 - 2:30
Gain awareness and learn to express you Intuitive Wisdom through structured processes of discovery and dialoging. Promote personal growth through fun and easy self-expression, self-understanding and self-acceptance.
$15.00 Love offering for materials.
Facilitated by Jackie Peterson

Wholehearted Wednesday
Ongoing each Wednesday is: Evening prayer and book study at 5:30 pm - This is Open to ALL!
The book that is currently being studied is: "Bustin' Loose, from the Money Game" by Robert Scheinfeld. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!
Thank you to those of you giving to Agape Spiritual Center in so many ways.   Whether through mowing lawns, washing windows, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, making coffee, supporting events or collecting your Family Thrift/Family Fare receipts. You all come together for the betterment of this growing community.    Blessings to all!!
Save your empty toilet paper rolls and old books: donate to Agape for an upcoming fund raiser. You are welcome to come and help transform these rolls and books into beautiful angels!

Every Saturday 9:00 AM - whenever

You can be a part of the volunteers that keeps growing and growing! Ask one of these Board Members how or drop a note to this address

Your Agape Board Members
Bob French
Jacqui Hatzell
Dr. Sheila Schielke
Judi Joba
Danielle Decker
Rev. Vikki French
There are chairs ready for purchase that will be used in the Agape Cafe & other areas of the center. $25.00 each & can be dedicated with the name of a loved one or a quote of your choosing.  A plaque will be mounted on the back of the chair showing your dedication! If you would like to sponsor a chair for $25.00, please see a board member after celebration or send a note to:
Thank you in advance!

Evening SOULutions!
Each Wednesday Evening at
 7 PM an additional time of fun, food and fellowship continues!
Wednesday, June 27, 2018, An additional time of Celebration, Special Music and Fellowship will continue. Meditation and Message will be provided by Danielle Dekker. The celebration will start at 7:00 PM. Title of this evening celebration "Have you had the feeling, you got nothing?". Special Music by the amazing Daniel G. Burnison.. Invite your Friends and Family to come and share this time with you. On Common Ground is proud to expand our goals of providing a 
safe environment for self discovery.Please stay for Fun, Food and Fellowship

See you Wednesday, 
June 20th at 7:00 PM

Drumming Circle
July 20th From 
6:30 pm to 7:30 pm 
Drumming meets on the 3rd Friday of each month - Please join in; if you do not have a drum...
we have extra drums!​
We will have breaks for dessert, coffee and tea!

Family Thrift Fund Drive

Please save your Family Thrift receipts and ask friends and neighbors for their help also.  

This is an important fund drive. We are close to reaching our goal so bring in those 
receipts and leave them in the fellowship hall. Many thanks!

Do you have a  passion that you  would like to share? 
Perhaps it's decorating, sharing a seminar or class, singing, giving rides to Agape for Sunday Celebration or events, leading meditation, playing an instrument, cleaning, childcare, leading a book group or something else entirely! 

Please share your passion with Agape, we'd LOVE to assist in sharing the expression of the blessing that is You! 

Speak to a board member or email:


Are you ready to learn more about this Agape Spiritual Center and what it stands for?
Join us for opportunities to shine your light! The next class will be in June 2018

Third Thursday 
Visioning for Agape
July 19th
5:30 pm Light Potluck
Visioning starts at 6 PM

Come and share your vision for your life and the
 Agape Spiritual Center.  
Led by Dr. Sheila Schielke

Visioning is a process in which we allow ourselves to hear, feel, see and catch Spirit’s plan for our life, or for a particular area or part of our life.
It allows us to receive clarity & guidance regarding the subject or topic we are visioning about.

Visioning is a powerful process that assists in opening up to our lives and to spirit, to expand our awareness of a higher power & to anchor our lives with divine direction & guidance!

 Monthly Natural 

Led by Rev. Jackie Matthews; Natural Women is about connecting the intuitive abilities, supporting women, honoring sisterhood and enhancing focus and purpose in our lives.  
This is accomplished through sharing the experiences, exploring women's healing, rites and mysteries, ancient, modern and much more. 

The Next meeting will be July 21st
1:00 to 2:30 PM

Lending Library at the Agape Center
We now have a lending library located in the lower level of the building.  Take time to browse through the 100's of donated books.  You are free to take them home with you and bring back when read.  You can also donate books that no longer serve you.  Come and check out this new addition!


Please click on the On Common Ground Icon for information on events and activities occurring at 
On Common Ground!

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Mantra Meditation
Mondays 5:45 pm
Every Monday, you can join your friends at On Common Ground at The Agape Spiritual Center for an hour of Mantra Meditation. Come and experience the vibrations and solitude of this practice that has been around for thousands of years to work in special ways to attune our minds, bodies, and spirits to all energies of the universe. The circle continues to expand! Namaste!
Positive Prayer remains a foundation of this community.  
If you have a prayer request please e-mail to agapeblackhills@aol.com 
You may also call the center at: 484-3462
Use the above contact information also if you would like to pray with, or schedule a session with our Agape Spiritual Practitioner and 
Spiritual Leader; 
Rev. Vikki French
A Course in Miracles Wednesdays 7 PM 
This wonderful experience allows the soul to expand beyond what you ever imagined.    Located in the Mantra Room of Agape Spiritual Center at On Common Ground!  ACIM teaches that the way to universal love and peace—or remembering God—is by undoing illusions previously learned or believed!
All events listed on this page are 
Agape Spiritual Center 
Sponsored Events