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Wise Ones
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At Agape, children ARE to be seen and to be heard!
God bless our children!

Each Sunday, the Wise Ones activity will center around positive friendships. 
Service begins at 11am at Agape - 610 St. Francis Street.

Our Wise Ones continue to grow and expand! 
And as we do, the age groups in this Awsome 
Agape Commnity are also 
growing and expanding!

Many thanks to the Agape Parents 
working with our Wise Ones Ministry Leader, 
to Co-Create new and interesting activities for the "Wee-Ones", "Tweens" and "Teens"!

With input from the Wise Ones, 
new and exciting activities are in the works! 

Summer 2018
Please join Agape in welcoming our new Wise Ones Coordinator; 
Fabi Ana!

We are so grateful for her dedication to this Community and now her wonderful energy coming to the
Wise Ones Program!

Please join us in celebration 
of Fabi Ana, who is Joyfully
Stepping into Service to 
The Wise Ones CommUnity!

Eian and Michael Stetser
FUN at Agape! 
Jesse Lee Kaufman and Nathan Stetzer jammin' on the drums August 2016

We are inviting parents, grandparents and friends of Agape to volunteer an occasional Sunday of leading our Wise Ones during Sunday Celebration. 

This will allow for all in the Agape Community to take part in Sunday Celebrations and also to be of service to our Agape Wise Ones! 

Our New Children's Coordinator, Page Erickson, will plan each class based on your particular passions and abilities! If you would like to volunteer one Sunday every 6-8 weeks, please let Page know via the WiseOnes Facebook GroupBob French or Jacqui Hatzell know on Sunday.  

Or email: agapeblackhills@aol.com

We invite you to visit and join the 
Agape Wise Ones Facebook Page 
to remain "in the loop" on new 
activities being explored!