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Spiritual Leader- Rev Vikki French, ASP
Musical Director- Bob French
Agape Board of Trustees
Bob French - President

Rev. Jacqui Hatzell - 
Executive Vice President 

Rev. Vikki French

Sheila Schielke  

Danielle Dekker

Gaylord Atkins

Lorie Eichert

Agape Spiritual Center of the Black Hills

Physical Address at On Common Ground 
610 St. Francis Street
 RC, SD 57701

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 9525 
Rapid City, SD 57709
You may wonder what the ASP after Rev. Vikki French's name stands for. 
Agape Spiritual Practitioner
It is best described by Founder and Spiritual Directer of Agape International Spiritual Center, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith:
“A practitioner is not merely a body of knowledge, but rather a state of consciousness that realizes oneness with the Infinite.  
Dedicated to first demonstrating New Thought / Ancient Wisdom principles within their own life, a practitioner then serves as a spiritually therapeutic agent of the Spirit for the upliftment of every man, woman and child who requests healing of body, mind and spirit."

Rev. Vikki is available for practitioner sessions upon request. For those who may be unfamiliar with the process; a practitioner session is similar to a confidential prayer session where one is anchored in prayer and in the KNOWING of your wholeness. A loving space is created and held for you to have your own insights and revelations regarding your wholeness.

Rev. Vikki French is a 2014 graduate of Agape University's Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioners   
Rev. Jacqui Hatzell  
Pastoral & Prayer Ministry
From left to right:
Dr. Sheila Schielke, Rev. Vikki French,   Rev. Jacqui Hatzell, 
Bob French and Danielle Dekker

To contact any board member, please send an email to: agapeblackhills@aol.com 
or call: 605-209-0314